A New Silicon Carbide Drive System – Innovation for e-Motors



A New Silicon Carbide Drive System – Innovation for e-Motors



The trend in electric vehicle development is high power density e-motors.  These future e-motors will likely spin faster than 25,000 RPM and be significantly smaller than modern versions. 

EV engineers are utilizing new technologies like Silicon Carbide in the vehicle traction inverters with higher switching frequencies to improve efficiencies and reduce e-motor size. As a result, the powertrain is more efficient, which extends range; and there is a smaller footprint inside the vehicle powertrain, which may help EV manufactures reduce MSRP and expand their EV lineup to new EV consumers.

This is one of the trends behind the new Silicon Carbide Drive System from Unico that will help EV manufacturers test and develop high switching frequency traction inverters and high-speed e-motors.

Known for innovative, scalable, modular drive systems in EV powertrain testing applications, Unico has a pulse on future EV trends, such as traction inverter and e-motor development. 

Electric vehicle engineers interested in developing traction inverters and e-motors that spin to 25,000 RPM and beyond, can take advantage of Unico’s Silicon Carbide Drive System with SiC MOSFET-type transistors to produce AC waveforms with much higher fundamental frequencies than modern versions.

Silicon Carbide Drive System for Test Stands

Unico is able to offer a Silicon Carbide Drive System for EV powertrain testing that combines AC Dynamometers for each e-Motor, a Battery Emulator for fast, repeatable cycles, and a Universal Inverter that works with high-speed AC motors without changing hardware or loading different software, all in a single package and powered by a single Active Front End.  This combination package saves floor space, reduces wiring complexity, simplifies installation, and saves energy. 

The technology behind the System

Within the Silicon Carbide Drive System is an all-digital PWM (pulse width modulated) 2500 series AC inverter that provides superior control for ultra-high performance VFD (variable frequency drive) applications.

This family of inverters utilizes SiC MOSFET-type transistors to allow it to operate at significantly higher switching frequencies and at greater efficiencies than modern Silicon-based IGBT inverters.

This offers several advantages including increased power density, reduced harmonics, and the ability to generate AC waveforms with much higher fundamental frequencies. The increased frequencies are critical to controlling high speed or high pole count motors.

All in One Place

Unico’s new 2500 series SiC drives are ideal for applications such as acting as a Universal Inverter. In new applications, where higher switching frequencies are required for controlling and testing high speed e-motors, the SiC drives will support traction inverter and e-motor development.

Engineers that test and develop next generation e-motors with a Unico Silicon Carbide Drive System will have a competitive edge in achieving their product deadlines and time to market.  

Unico’s technical guidance to systems integrators and EV manufacturers around the world, ensures EV engineers using Unico Drive Systems have the optimum test stand configuration to meet their current and future research and development specifications.

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