E-Motor Dyno Drive

E-Motor Dynamometer Drives to simulate realistic load and force on the E-Motor under test. Regenerative power, ratings up to 35,000 RPM, low intertia solutions, and works with any AC motor.
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Develop and test your E-Motor by simulating realistic loads using Unico’s E-Motor Dyno Drive.

This proven E-Motor dynamometer drive is based on Unico’s successful 2400 series inverter, with installs throughout the world. It’s revolutionary technology provides superior control of three-phase AC dynamometer motors. High-switching frequency IGBTs deliver up to 30kHz for testing high speed E-Motors. Torque response in 1 millisecond gives exceptional control of speed and torque to replicate a wide variety or load, stress, and resistance on the E-Motor. NVH low noise operation and acceleration rates up to 300,000 rpm/second – perfectly suited quiet motoring tests and aggressive performance programs.