7100 Series
Battery Cell Testing

The 7100 series is designed to meet the demands of testing cell-level batteries for existing and future generations. It delivers superior testing and emulation capabilities for all types of battery chemistries. Whether for research and development, engineering assessment, or production, the 7100 is optimized to provide excellent performance and space efficiency.

7100 Half Rack Cabinet
7100 Full Rack Cabinet

7100 Series Overview

The 7100 series battery cell cyclers from Unico utilize advanced technology that integrates a SiC power stage for the active front end, and a DC output GaN stage. GaN technology as the lower DC voltage stage, has a faster switching performance, up to 10 times faster than SiC, and a smaller package size, up to 10 times smaller with greater efficiency. Utilizing this technology, the 7100 series provides the highest density on channel count and an overall high efficiency of 95%.

7100 series can house four different types of channels (20mA, 10A, 150A, and 300A) in either a half or full rack cabinet. The four different types of channels cover a wide range of current requirements and can be connected serially or in parallel. Additionally, each channel type has three versions that can fulfill basic go-no-go cycling to more advanced and precise testing needs. Whether for manufacturing or advanced engineering, the 7100 is capable of cell-level cycling and emulation testing.


Types of Battery Cycler

7100 Types:
Voltage Range
Current Range
Power per Channel
Channels per Device
Channels per Cabinet
Type 1
Coin Cell
10 VDC
20 mA
200 mW
Type 2
10 VDC
10 A
100 W
Type 3
10 VDC
150 A
1500 W
Type 4
10 VDC
300 A
2000 W

7100 Series System Three Product Versions


  • Covers all cycling testing scenarios.
  • High voltage and current accuracy.
  • Minimum output voltage lower than one volt.
  • EtherCAT and EtherNET.
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  • All basic features plus:
  • Voltage and current accuracy improved to 0.03%.
  • Minimum output voltage lower reduced to 650mV.
  • Automatized dynamic test profiles.
  • RS485 interface.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI).
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  • All basic features plus:
  • Voltage and current accuracy improved to 0.01%.
  • Minimum output voltage lower reduced to 250mV.
  • Snapshot (Oscilloscope feature( per channel included).
  • Built in self calibration, increasing the lifetime of the accuracy.
  • Cybersecurity
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Industries Served

Heavy Duty
Aircraft, eVTOL
Renewable Energy
Industrial Power

Advantages & Benefits


  • Regenerative operation that allows recovery during discharge for energy savings.
  • High Efficiency of 95% during all modes of operation.
  • Ability to parallel or serially connect channels for higher power or voltage operation.
  • Four different types of channels to cover applications from low to high current requirements (20mA, 10A, 150A, 300A).
  • High Density with SiC & GaN Technology.
  • Three versions of channels that have been optimized for R&D, engineering evaluation, and manufacturing.
  • Built-in Self Calibration that assures the validity of the test being performed.
  • Internal Oscilloscope function on Premium Version, 1Ms/sec digitized waveform.


  • Yearly Capex saving by covering 95% of energy during discharge. Plus, it reduces HVAC requirements.
  • On average operation, the 7100 series is 10 – 20% more efficient than traditional cyclers.
  • The most incredible flexibility of using 7100 for all power/current and low voltage requirements.
  • 7100 series reduces cost by offering the broadest range of current operations.
  • 7100 cabinet solution can house 200 – 300% more channels than traditional cyclers cabinet.
  • Three versions of channels allow a selection of hardware based on the application of the test and not overpay for unnecessary options.
  • Reduce the risk of lousy analytics due to drifting of measurements. Improve uptime in operation
  • Improve analytics on each channel by using Scope function.

General Information

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Authorized rental partners

7100 Half Rack Cabinet

E.g. Up to 32X 300 A channcels in half rack cabinet

7100 Full Rack Cabinet

E.g. Up to 64 X 300 A channels in full rack cabinet.

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Asked Questions

What is efficiency for both sink and source operations?
The efficiency in both sink and source operations is up to 95%.
What type of thermocouples can be used with the 7100?

The 7100 Series is designed to work with thermocouple type T and is available in all three versions (Basic, Standard, and Premium.)

How many thermocouple measurements are available?

One thermocouple per channel is available.

What type thermistors can be used?

The device can perform temperature measurements using PT100 and PT1000.

How many thermistors measurements are available?

Each version is different. Basic = Zero channels Standard = Two per channel Premium = four per channel. Each one is fully isolated, 4 wires measurement per high power channel. If a 4-wire measurement and a common ground can be used it is possible to measure 16 RTD per channel.

How many channels can be monitored by the Oscilloscope simultaneously?
On the Premium version: All channels output current and voltage can be monitored simultaneously. Each output has a dedicated Snapshot, fully independent of each other.
What kind of Battery Models are built in?

Built-in model with series resistor.



What software interfaces are available?

We an EtherCAT interface with real time data transfer and a LAN interface.

The LAN interface provide access to the graphical user interface, and allows communication to the devices via Standards Command for Programable Instruments (SCPI).

Data acquisition rate?

By using EtherCAT we offer real time communication with a latency of maximum 1ms

Can I upgrade the system later?

Yes, the system can be upgraded after purchase. There are 2 types of upgrades, software based and hardware.

Software upgrades can be requested on demand and can be activity remotely. Hardware, upgrades can be done only by UNICO employees.

Can the system run DCIR measurement?

Yes, the system is able to perform Direct Current Internal Resistance measurements.

How can I connect to the device?

You have two options. You can have a real-time data acquisition at a speed of 1kHz, thanks to the use of EtherCAT technology. Or alternative the device support Ethernet that ensures seamlessly integration into existing testing environments.