Coil Processing Lines – Distributed Embedded Control

Control Solutions for Coil Processing

Unico is the leader in distributed embedded controls systems and drives for coil processing applications.

Coil processing controls may seem challenging, but Unico knows how to make it easier for you with decades of experience. Today, thousands of Unico drive systems are hard at work in coil processing lines throughout the world. We’ve learned the best ways to maximize output, minimize downtime, increase efficiency and productivity, cut operating costs, and minimize maintenance expenses. Our engineers possess the knowledge to design, install onsite, and startup commission your coil processing drives and controls systems to your performance requirements. Remote diagnostic capabilities eliminate needless service calls by allowing our personnel to troubleshoot your system from our service center.

We offer a complete automation solution for all segments of coil processing whether you need to breathe new life into an existing application or you have a new installation that demands superior controls

Unico installs drives and control systems into coil processing lines that achieve repeatable and accurate positioning, optimize throughput, tightly coordinate multi-axis motion, minimize setup time, maximize safety using redundant controls, and electronically synchronize machines selections, to name a few. Globally, no other drives company has as many coil processing applications embedded into the drive, as Unico. Our product portfolio consists of drives and controls in power control, drive control, communications and operator interface. Our engineers work closely with you to identify the unique requirements of your coil processing line. They then draw upon our accumulated experience to tailor a install and controls system to your requirements.

Coil Processing Applications

Unico engineering is explicit and result-driven, building tools to increase your manufacturing output with as little as possible effort and monitoring. We have a variety of unique products to help you with all your production needs.

Feed-to-Stop Control

The FTS™ software module from Unico provides automated feeding control for roll-feed applications...

Flying Cutoff Control

Unico provides Flying Cut-off control used for flying cutoff die accelerator drive system with the best-in-class...

Loop/Leveler Control

The Unico Loop/Leveler Control systems for coil processing applications are developed for the optimal control...

Metal Rotary Cutoff Control

Unico provides Metal Rotary Cut-off specifically for controlling rotary-cutoff applications with the best-in-class...

Position Indexer Control

Unico provides Position/Indexer Control PIC™ software specifically for controlling linear- or rotary-indexer...

Press / Sheer Control

Press / Shear Control PSC™ software from Unico allows swift control of press and shear applications...