Chassis Dyno Drive

Chassis Dynamometer Drives to simulate on road conditions, whether at the race track, in the test lab, or performing End of Line Testing. Ultra quiet operation for NVH testing applications.
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Develop and test your complete engine and powertrain setup using Unico’s Chassis Dyno Drive.

This proven Chassis dynamometer drive is based on Unico’s successful 2400 series inverter, with installs throughout the world. It’s revolutionary technology provides superior control of three-phase AC dynamometer motors. High-switching frequency IGBTs deliver up to 30kHz for testing high speed E-Motors. Torque response in 1 millisecond gives exceptional control of speed and torque to replicate a wide variety or load, stress, and resistance on the electric propulsion system. NVH low noise operation and acceleration rates up to 300,000 rpm/second – perfectly suited quiet motoring tests and aggressive performance programs.