E-Axle Dyno Drive

E-Axle Dynamometer Drives to test the EV propulsion system, simulating resistance at the axle of the vehicle. Common DC Bus offers flexibility, cost savings, and configuration not normally possible with traditional drives.
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Develop and test your EV propulsion systems with simulated resistance using Unico’s E-Axle Dyno Drive.

This leading edge E-Axle dynamometer is a modular design that allows for multiple types of drive elements to be connected to the common DC bus. Combine mutliple AC dynamometers and E-Motors with a battery emulator and univeral inverter. Power ratings from 50kW to 1000kW, with higher power options available. Support induction and permanent magnet motor dynamometers. Highly efficient and fully regenerative, the system is capable of steady state, transient, and high dynamic simulations. Supports most industry standard communication protocols, making it versitile to work with any automation systems platform. Multiple programmable and preset safety features. Enclosures can be ordered with air cooled or water cooled designs.