Universal Inverter

Universal Inverters for testing traction inverter control algorithms. Characterizing and testing E-Motor designs for electric vehicles.
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Test your EV inverter designs and E-Motors with a Unico Universal Inverter.

This unique Universal Inverter works with all of the most-common types of AC motors (Asynchronous Induction, Synchronous Permanent Magnet, and IPM – Internal Permanent Magnet) without changing hardware or loading different software. Unico offers more than one rating – the most popular unit is a water-cooled inverter that can accept a DC input of 0-900VDC and has a nominal 520VAC rating.

Switching frequency is user-adjustable up to 24kHz. The inverter contains a dynamic protection curve that automatically adjusts based on operating conditions including DC input voltage, switching frequency, overload, output frequency, and ambient temperature.