Code of Conduct

As evidence of Unico’s commitment to conducting the Company’s business to the highest ethical standards, we have adopted this Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (the “Code”).  The Code establishes the basic guidelines under which the Company does business.

We require that all Company employees, including officers and members of our Board of Directors:

  • Read and understand the Code.
  • Acknowledge that they have done so.
  • Ensure that their conduct fully meets ethical standards.
  • Take appropriate action to ensure that the Company’s business partners understand and comply with these ethical standards.

Our Core Values

  • The Company does business with integrity and conducts our business using the highest moral and ethical standards.
  • The Company is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • We will always do the right thing when it comes to compliance, and this Code of Ethics and Business Conduct provides a guide for all stakeholders including the Company’s employees, shareholders, suppliers and customers.

Unico recognizes that the key to our success is to be a reliable, ethical partner to all with whom we interact. This includes employees, suppliers, customers, owners, the communities in which we operate and anyone else affected by how we conduct our business.

The Code

We offer the Code in multiple languages.  Please select from the following: