Linear Rod Pump

The LRP® pumping unit is a small footprint, streamlined alternative to a conventional sucker-rod pumping unit, ideally suited for urban and environmentally sensitive sites. It features exceptional control for unmatched downhole rod / pump protection and well optimization.
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Unico’s LRP® sucker-rod pumping unit is a proven alternative to traditional units, providing enhanced safety and performance in a compact and reliable linear, electromechanical design.

Especially suited for environmentally sensitive well sites, the LRP® unit allows minimal site impact including easy transportation and installation.

Various stroke lengths and lift capacities are available for a broad range of production capabilities.

The system incorporates Unico’s patented SRP sucker rod pump software for fully autonomous well optimization with exceptional downhole equipment protection. Also included: sensor-less fluid level control, automatic Pump Clean® mode, Well Reporting, surface and downhole dynamometer plots, predictive dynacards, remote access, embedded PLC, sophisticated fault detection, and much more.

An optional push device allows the rod to be gently pushed during the downstroke to mitigate rod hang-up. A rod rotator option is also available.