ESP Drives and Automation

Rugged and reliable motor control with advanced automation, high efficiency, low harmonics, and best-in-class motor and pump protection.
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Unico’s ESP variable speed drives provide embedded automation and high efficiency operation with precision control of all traditional and PM motor designs. They feature low harmonics and unrivaled motor protection from 10 to 1200 hp.

Advanced drive features include power disturbance ride-thru, backspin sensing, closed-loop speed and torque regulation, gas-lock mitigation, stuck pump mitigation, and sensor-less fluid level estimate / control.

Patented AHD™ technology actively reduces input harmonic distortion.

A Quick-Start screen provides simple, guided start-up including on-the-fly pump direction identification and reversal.

Embedded modeling of transformer, drive, cable, motor, and pump ensures proper setup and performance.