SRP Drives and Automation

Autonomous operation, production optimization, expert well analytics, dynamic equipment protection, and reduced power consumption for unrivaled performance of any rod pumped well.
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Unico’s sucker rod pump variable speed drives maximize well production while protecting pumping equipment and reducing energy consumption.

SRP autonomous control immediately and reliably manages the most challenging well conditions including gas slugging, rod float, rod buckling, sticking pump, and stuck valves. No manual intervention is required.

Digital torque control provides smooth and quiet motor operation. Sophisticated real-time controls like Rod Load Damping and Soft Landing extend the life of rods, tubing, and pump. Dynamic torque-limiting protects the pumping unit.

The real-time Pump Expert™ software promptly diagnoses and addresses surface and downhole problems. Superior downhole modeling and automatic target pump-fill control means the unit runs at optimal speed to achieve maximum production rate and efficiency without over-pumping. Pump Clean™ mode will automatically identify and mitigate stuck valves, restoring normal pump action.