The Importance of NVH Testing in Electric Vehicles



The Importance of NVH Testing in Electric Vehicles



The Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) of electric vehicles are the most essential factors for car manufacturers when it comes to perceived product quality. Since the development cycles in the automotive industry are constantly reducing to meet the market demands, performing precise NVH analysis is becoming increasingly difficult.

Moreover, new and trendy vehicle designs lead to vehicle weight reductions through material changes, resulting in further NVH conflicts. Hence, developing pleasant, adequate, and harmonious passenger cabins of electric vehicles is a challenging task for acoustic engineers.In addition, the silent nature of electric powertrains makes NVH even more apparent.

Wind, Cooling FansEngine, Driveline, Tires
Electrical Actuators,
Inverters or Traction Motors
in electrical cars

Many problems are generated as either vibration or noise, transmitted via a variety of paths, and then radiated acoustically into the cabin. These are classified as “structure-borne” noise. Vibrations are sensed at the steering wheel, the seat, armrests, or the floor and pedals. Some problems are sensed visually – such as the vibration of the rear-view mirror or header rail on open-topped cars.

Advanced test methods and tools are necessary to cope with the vehicle’s growing acoustical comfort expectations and to guarantee high-quality standards. This requires sophisticated simulation techniques, which offer the virtual construction and testing of the vehicle components or the whole car in the early development stages.

“NVH testing aims to improve development efficiency and adds a new dimension of comfort while driving electric cars”

The Importance of NVH Testing

Heavy investments from auto manufacturers in NVH testing have created an enormous opportunity for the global market. As per the research done by marketsandmarkets, the NVH testing market globally is estimated to grow from USD 1.9 billion in 2021 to USD 2.5 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 5.5%. Due to the government regulations to reduce noise pollution, there is a rising need for NVH testing solutions in the EV industry. Stringent government laws regarding noise pollution are also one of the critical drivers for NVH testing market growth

  • NVH testing can help to overcome the inadequacies of the vehicles in the overall comfort and performance while driving the vehicle.
  • The driver, including the passengers, can experience whether the vehicle is comfortable or not.
  • Vehicles with better performance have low noise and vibration and are comfortable and quiet to drive. This helps in causing less fatigue while driving long distances.
  • Any improved performance in the vehicle is achieved through robust design, manufacturing & testing.

NVH Testing and Analysis for Electric Powertrain Development

In the process of design and development of any new electric vehicle, the manufacturers are now focusing on evaluation and developing new models with greater NVH grades. With Unico drives, NVH performance of any powertrain can be tested even before components and assemblies are physically combined.

The aim of NVH testing at Unico is to improve the comfort of the vehicles and their performance and durability by offering a design and quality assurance of component, subassembly, or complete vehicle during test procedures.

Unico understands that NVH testing brings its own unique set of challenges. These challenges cannot be met by a standard off-the-shelf drive system.

Unico’s solution offers many unique features that will avoid the Dynamometer distorting the test results with its own shortcomings. This enhanced performance is achieved using our unique dual processors and dual current regulators. This level of performance has kept Unico at the forefront of specialist test stand drives making Unico the first choice of the top R&D engineering teams for many years.

The Prime Factors of NVH Testing

During the development phase, it is vital to prevent any type of NVH problems. The duration in regard to the product development process from concept to series production is just getting shorter.

NVH and its evaluation is applied to all kinds of electric vehicles with power requirements that range between from 50kW to more than 1000kW. The evaluation steps of NVH helps to locate the sources of noise and vibration and optimize the performance and design of the power system, magnetic brake, gearbox, and engine of electric vehicles.

The goal of NVH testing is to check how a vehicle performs under different conditions that can be well measured by electronic sensors etc. NVH Testing is performed on a variety of components, including transmissions, engines, dashboards, seats, or other parts that can contribute to any noise levels.

During the process of using software tools, engineers create various computer simulations to assess how different types of modifications in NVH will impact the sound levels inside the vehicles. The data acquired from the NVH instruments is used to perform NVH analysis and gain new insights and make sound decision-making.

“Unico offers a wide range of drive solutions
that will help in capturing and analyzing NVH
data compliant with standards and procedures.”

Unico has developed innovative test stand drives to optimally meet the current and future
challenges of electric and hybrid vehicles. These drive systems are prepared to test
completely electrified drivetrains and their transmissions in addition to conventional

Chassis Dyno Drive

Unico’s Chassis Dynamometer Drives are used for Ultra-quiet operation for NVH testing
applications. Chassis Dynamometer Drives are used to simulate on-road conditions, in the
test lab, at the race track, or performing End of Line Testing.

E-Drive Dyno Drive

E-Drive Dynamometer Drive uses Ultra-quiet operation mode using built-in dual current
regulators that are ideal for NVH testing in both hemi anechoic & anechoic test cells.

Unico’s NVH testing solutions are highly efficient and customizable that help manufacturers
of Electric vehicles to enrich and enhance the performance and comfort of the vehicle. To
learn more please contact us and we would be happy to assist you.



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